Managing the Risks of Getting Osteoarthritis as a Firefighter

Managing the Risks of Getting Osteoarthritis as a Firefighter

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Did you know that firefighters have a higher risk of getting osteoarthritis? Getting in between buildings, lifting heavy weights to manoeuvre through tiny spaces and the strenuous work that firefighters do makes it more likely for them to get joint pains and aches. Several research studies have linked joint injuries and strains to the likelihood of developing osteoarthritis. Even though firefighters never get enough credit for the work they do, the possibility of getting complications should not hinder you from pursuing this career if it is your passion. There are many things that you can do as a firefighter to minimise the chances of getting osteoarthritis.

Do Strength Training

There are several exercises that you can do to improve your joint and muscle strength. You can start with the basics such as regular stretching to enhance the flexibility of the joints. Walking and jogging also help. Swimming regularly will not only help in strengthening your muscles, but it has also been found to assist in managing the symptoms of osteoarthritis and to provide some form of relief for people who experience regular pain. You can also incorporate aerobics and weight lifting into your training regime.

Have the Right Attire

Having the right attire makes a big difference in the work of a firefighter. You need to have extra special skills, and this includes stamina and the ability to stand and run for long periods. You can only do this without injuring your muscles and joints if you are dressed appropriately. Go for shoes with good padding that are comfortable and allow you to move quickly.

Take Regular Breaks

Firefighters should take regular breaks and allow their bodies to recover, especially after they have done some rigorous activities. They should also understand the different roles of firefighters and choose the one that they think they can handle better. No matter how much you love your job as a firefighter, you should not stretch yourself beyond what your body can handle. Find a hobby that you can engage in to avoid exposing yourself to osteoarthritis.