Firefighters deserve more credit

Firefighters deserve more credit

Jul 30, 2017 / By : / Category : Fire Fighting

We do believe that firefighters don’t get enough credit for the risks they take when they’re trying to save all of our lives, our environment and homes.

There’s no deny in it that firefighters literally risk their life every time they walk/run in to a total inferno just to try to save either a human, a pet or anyone for that matter.

Woulnd’t it be amazing if everyone had the same courage and guts as firefighters? We do believe that firefighters indeed are one of the most brave and honorable human beings there is. They are our life guards, they are our guardian angels, and they never turn down a challenge. When there’s a life at risk, there’s no stopping in the firefighters.

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There’s so many different kind of stories of how brave firefighters ran in to total infernos, trying to do the impossible and save the ones who’s stuck inside it. Some have actually made it and saved lots of families, and some have unfortunately not made it and fell victims to the horrible fires.

What can we do to give the firefighters the credit they deserve? How can we all show our appreciation about all the risks they take?  How can we repay them for always being 90 seconds away from sleeping to be on their way to your larm signal?

Each and every firefighter should be given some kind of honor-like medal for their services and they should really be paid as the heroes that they are. The hard working men and women of the firefighters deserve all kind of respect and they should be paid equally to that respect. They are our heroes in the day, evening and night and there’s no stop in them. They never lose faith and we should never take them for granted.

What would we do without the firefighters? What would we do if our house turn in to a huge inferno? What would we do if a forest nearby bursts in to flames and is a danger to an entire community?

We’d like to say a special thanks to all of the firefighters, both men and women who’s served as a firefighter. We could no be any prouder of any of you.