Do Firefighters Need an Intranet?

Do Firefighters Need an Intranet?

Mar 10, 2024 / By : / Category : Fire Fighting

The truth is that any organization will benefit from using an intranet to keep in contact with staff, for training and updating information. Firefighters might spend a great deal of time out dealing with incidents, but equally, they may have days where they get few callouts. This is when an intranet could be useful.

Intranet Benefits

Some firefighters might wonder what is an intranet as it is not immediately obvious how they would use it. But an intranet is useful to them as it is the ideal place to post the latest news, events and updates that they need. They can log in to it and get information, book training, and keep in touch with what is happening with other shifts and fire houses.

Learning to Use an Intranet

An intranet is easy to use, and will not take long for every member of the team to learn how to use it to their best advantage. If the intranet links different divisions, then it is a great way to keep in touch and to monitor aspects of the firefighter’s work such as training.

It will also be the main source of information for things like firefighting and emergency procedures. All the latest processes and manuals can be digitized and put on the site for everyone to access anytime and easily. It is also the perfect communication tool. When you need to let everyone know the latest news, the intranet will be the place to find it.