Different Types of Fire Fighting Careers

Different Types of Fire Fighting Careers

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For individuals that are beginning to look at firefighting careers they are often surprised to discover that there are many different categories that can fall within this industry that allows them to specialize in different areas of firefighting.

Metropolitan Firefighting

This is the most common type of firefighting that individuals may be aware of. It is where firefighting takes place in the large cities and metropolitan areas. Usually it requires the fighting of fires where large structures and different industries are being carried out. In many cases depending on the country and the region, firefighters are also expected to have their basics in medical applications such as being a Paramedic. There is the opportunity to take on dual careers here as a Firefighter and a Paramedic in these situations.

Airport Firefighters

Just as there are many different types of fires, there are many different places where fires can break out. In some industries it is necessary to have a firefighting crew or department of its own on the premises at all times. One of these that is quite common is at airports. Individuals that are specializing in this segment of firefighting have to know how to deal with the components that a plane crash may create, and also how to be able to provide the support and rescue for those that are involved.

Bush Firefighters

These come into the category of wild land firefighters and these can be one of the most grueling type of fires to have to deal with. Firefighters have to work in the most adverse conditions and usually there is minimal staff to be able to rely on for replacement as firefighters tire. It is not unusual for them to have to work double shifts that can be comprised of up to 18 hours a day.

Contract Firefighters

There are some small businesses that are privately owned that are classed as contract firefighters. These individuals will be on call for other regions and even countries that are facing large fire situations and need to call in reserves. Most often those that go into this career have served for a period of time in some of the other firefighting situations and now want to branch into the private sector.

Any one of these categories for firefighting careers can be rewarding but come with all the major responsibilities.