Types of Fire Fighting Equipment

Types of Fire Fighting Equipment

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Firefighters have to develop a lot of different skills and this includes being able to use different types of equipment that is needed for them to carry out their tasks. Of course there is the major equipment such as the fire truck and hoses but just as important is the type of individual gear that each firefighter must have.

The equipment that firefighters must wear is commonly called bunker gear.


The trousers is the first selection of gear that the firefighter will put on and it is made up of three major part which is the outer shell then a moisture barrier and as well as a thermal barrier.


In many cases the boots are already fitted to the pants making it easier for them to put on.

Hoods and Helmets

These are critically important to the safety of the firefighter and they have to be up to code according to the safety regulations.

Additional Equipment

Additional equipment such as fire resistant gloves are also going to be a priority and then there is additional external equipment they need such as breathing apparatus and oxygen tanks.

Firefighters have to constantly inspect their equipment and gear.