Healthcare in the Alps

Healthcare in the Alps

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If you’re planning a trip to Chambery or another Alpine skiing destination, then you’ve probably spent some time thinking about the health insurance that you’ll require when you’re there. Even if you think you’re an experienced and competent skier, anyone can have an accident and you’ll want to have a strategy to make sure that you’re covered just in case the worst happens.

First off, if you already have an annual travel insurance policy or one that comes through a credit card or bank account, then make sure that it will cover you if you take part in winter sports. Many policies, even fairly popular or high standard ones, will require you to pay a premium in order for winter activities or other extreme sports to be covered in them. Take a good read of the small print before you head abroad as it can sometimes be surprising exactly what counts as an extreme sport according to your insurance company. You don’t want to have any nasty surprises once you’re lying in a hospital bed. Websites like Lonely Planet will give you an idea of who offers high quality insurance policies in your country.

Secondly, work out how you’re going to access healthcare if the worst happens. Most ski resorts in and around the French Alps will have agreements with hospitals in the area and will be able to point you in the direction of an English-speaking doctor if the worst should happen. Alternatively, there are services such as kry which can offer help and advice remotely wherever you are in the world if you discover you need help.

Thirdly, you need to ensure that your insurance policy offers a way of getting you home if you find your leg being locked into a plaster cast during your ski trip. Medevacs via helicopter or even a return home on a commercial flight in the event of you not being able to sit in a standard airline chair can be incredibly expensive and it’s a cost that could leave many people financially crippled if it’s not already covered.

Above all, the best general advice before any ski vacation- whether to the French Alps around Chambery or somewhere else entirely is to go into it with your eyes open as far as healthcare options and staying safe is concerned. While of course, it’s better not to be injured in the first place, sometimes accidents can happen and it’s best to be prepared if they do. The last thing you’ll want to do while you’re recovering is spend some time worrying about money and how you’re going to pay for your recovery, so a little planning now is a great idea.