Fire Hazards In The Home

Fire Hazards In The Home

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Common causes of fire hazards

Fire accidents are among the most common accidents at home. While fire hazards can be prevented, it is almost impossible to avoid them completely. Majorly, home fires are as a result of accidents, and to a greater extent negligence. Some of the common causes of fire hazards at home include overheated cooking equipment, heating equipment, barbeques, careless disposal of cigarettes after smoking, electrical equipment, curious children, candles, faulty wiring, and poor handling of flammable substances. Fire break-outs result in minor or major effects. In cases of major consequences, it can result in high degree burns, massive destruction of property, and even death. With so many factors contributing to fire hazards, it is vital to observe high levels of responsibility and devise preventive measures that will help you avoid the severeness of fire accidents.

Fire outbreak

Most of us have experienced or seen a fire outbreak at one time or another. You can protect yourself and your loved one from being affected by observing various precautionary measures. First of all, dispose of cigarette remainders responsibly. A common cause of fire is falling asleep while smoking in the bed or sofa, starting a fire in precious items such as that antique pillow you inhereted from grandma, or your beautiful Ikea Ektorp sofa cover. Other things to keep in mind are to never leave children and cooking equipment unattended, and do regular checkup of your electrical connections. Further, If you have flammable liquids in your homes, such as petrol, methylated spirits, kerosene, and cleaning detergents, you should ensure you keep them away from any heat sources. Always check their labels before storing in order to know the ones that are flammable. The other common cause of a fire is lit candles. To prevent this, always keep them away from flammable items like tissue papers, books and garments. Blow out candles before you leave a room. Always take an insurance cover as a way of ensuring you are protected in the unlikely event a fire occurs. Doing so will prevent you from suffering financial crises. Observing these measures will go a long way in protecting you from suffering a fire hazard in your home.


How To Put Out A fire

Firefighters putting out a fire

As discussed above, fire is a common occurrence in homes, majorly as a result of poor handling of electrical, heating and cooking appliances, poor disposal of cigarettes, unattended candles, and poorly maintained barbecues. The various ways through which fire can be prevented have also been discussed. Besides these precaution measures, you can opt to declutter the different rooms in your house. Notably, decluttering may reduce home fire hazards. Basically, this refers to the action of removing items that are unnecessary from your rooms. The importance of this is that it helps you be able to put out a fire when it occurs since there will be no excess items hindering you. Decluttering also reduces the severeness of a fire because the more things are stuffed together, the greater the fire they may cause. Moreover, when a fire occurs, it is advisable to leave the room immediately, especially if it is a big fire. You should concentrate more on saving your life rather than on saving your property. Call firefighters immediately to reduce the likelihood of it spreading to other houses and causing greater damage.