Fire Fighting Techniques

Fire Fighting Techniques

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It is easy to take what firefighters for granted because of the amazing job that they do. Every fire they attend means they are putting themselves in harm’s way. Those who rely on their services may not realize just how much responsibility is put on these brave individuals. Fighting the fires is bad enough but the additional knowledge they need to tackle the different types of fires they are faced with creates additional responsibilities.

Techniques for Fire Fighting

Every fire that a firefighter responds to creates the need for making some quick decisions. This includes which technique has to be incorporated to deal with the issue at hand.

Direct Attack

This is the technique that most of the general public may be familiar with. This is where they observe the firefighter using their water hoses with them being directed to the base of the fire. The objective is to smother the flames that are present. It is the combination of the large volume of water and the force in which it is delivered that determines the success of this technique.

Indirect Attack

Sometimes the decision has to be made to attack the fire in an indirect way. In this case, the water is directed towards the ceiling of the water so it can cascade down onto the flames. This is a common technique that is used when these firefighters are dealing with fires in high rise buildings like office towers and apartments. The water hitting the ceiling or walls allows these areas to be cooled while at the same allowing the water to quell the flames.

Combo Technique

Depending on the circumstances and severity of the fire it may mean making a decision to utilize both techniques. Manpower and equipment are necessary to take this approach.

Fog Attack Fire Fighting

This is a technique that is often used to deal with compartment fires. A fog instead of direct water is used and is ideal when no wind is present. Instead of using a jet to deliver the water, a fog nozzle is used.

Two Lines In

This is another option that may be used if required.