Fire Fighting Hazards

Fire Fighting Hazards

May 26, 2016 / By : / Category : Fire Fighting


While normally it’s the fire itself that creates the biggest hazard for firefighters there are many other types of dangers that they are faced with for almost every fire that they have to attend.


Along with any fire comes smoke and fire fighters can be exposed to to this at different levels even though they have the proper equipment to be able to protect them. If their equipment happens not to be working properly or gets knocked off then high risk for smoke inhalation.


There are times when the fire can be so intense that firefighters can be exposed to burns of different degrees. They have to be able to assess the intensity of the fire and the quality of their equipment compared to what they are facing.


One of the common hazards that a firefighter faces is falls. This can be as a result of falling through burning debris or even slipping on a ladder.

Firefighters have to remain constantly alert and be a step ahead of any of the potential dangers that they are facing which can change from moment to moment.