Different Types of Fires

Different Types of Fires

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Firefighters not only have to develop the skills and expertise to fight fires they also have to be well educated in the different types of fires that they may be faced with.

Fires can be broken down into different types of classifications.

Class A

These are the type of fires at that water works best with to be able to extinguish them. They are commonly comprised of items such as wood paper and trash.

Class B

Components to fight this fire have to be ones that are able to distinguish the oxygen supply that is fueling the fire. These fires are usually those that have resulted from gasoline and oil.

Class C

These are known as electrical fires and to put them out a non-conductive agent is required.

Class D

These are metal fires were magnesium and titanium are the source of the fire and dry powder agents are considered to be the best for this type of firefighting

Class K

These are a common type of fire that firefighters have to work against and are usually fueled by different types of fat commonly cooking oils and greases.

Identification of the source of the fire is critical.